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The Town of Truro's image is defined by:

  • its logo:The Logo
  • its tagline:

"Make the connection"

This image has been designed to become a consistent first point of visual contact to the community in all marketing and communications pieces. It is meant to be used everyday by the Town.

Brand standards

The official guidelines for our brand standards can be found in this document.

Please note that any use of the Town brand without our written consent may result in legal action.


If you want the Town logo to appear on your communication document/event, you need to request it from us. We will usually ask you to refer to the Town as a "diffusion partner".

To do so, please contact us and indicate the following:

  • explain what the proposed use of the logo is,
  • submit a draft of the artwork for review,
  • agree to adhere to the Brand Standards.

We will usually get back to you within 2 working days.


By associating the Town's logo to your project, you ensure your message is viewed in an entertaining, positive environment and associated with our valued Municipal institutions.

On top of that, you experience the benefits of positive public relations and help create a powerful bond within our vibrant community.

In addition, we will be promoting your initiative by advertising it on our social media (Facebook, Twitter).


Contact Us

  • 695 Prince Street, Truro, Nova Scotia B2N1G5
  • 902-895-4484
  • 902-893-0501