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Truro - Make the Connection


Brand Message

Truro... Make the Connection.

Truro is located in central Nova Scotia. Our location has been key to our past successes and will propel us forward in the future. We are connected globally through our transportation modes, geographical position, knowledge, and infrastructure. We are the Hub of Nova Scotia, centered around natural beauty.

Connected to Lifestyle

Truro maintains a small town feel while offering residents an abundant lifestyle. Victoria Park lies in the heart of the community, surrounded by affordable housing within unique neighbourhoods. We have state-of-the-art healthcare and wellness services, and some of the best educational opportunities in Nova Scotia. Truro is a safe community which offers families a myriad of recreational and community activities. Truro is the “perfect size” – small town ambience with a full range of quality amenities and services.

Connected to Community

We are the ideal community: we are prosperous, growing, sustainable, diverse, and culturally rich, but through this we have maintained our laid back, accessible, and enriching lifestyle. We offer a community which allows each of us to have a say and make a difference. We are interwoven, and yet we are a community with a mix of personalities and characteristics. We work towards building a more inclusive but diverse community, one where there are opportunities for each of us to know each other and make meaningful connections.  We have a sense of community pride, authenticity, and willingness to give back.

Connected to Opportunity

Truro offers a wealth of opportunity. Driven by bright, innovative and creative minds, we work together to foster a supportive community which allows each of us to succeed and grow to our fullest capacity. From our recreational activities to our educational offerings, there is access to skills and knowledge to help grow the community from within.

Come... Make the Connection.


Brand Standards

A copy of the Town of Truro Brand Standards can be found in this document.

Please note that any use of the Town brand without written consent from the Town of Truro may result in legal action.

Brand Development & Marketing Action Plan

The Brand Development & Marketing Action Plan guides the development of the Brand over the next 3-5 years. It was adopted by Council in September 2017.

pdf Truro Brand Development & Marketing Action Plan (1.75 MB)


Contact Us

  • 695 Prince Street, Truro, Nova Scotia B2N1G5
  • 902-895-4484
  • 902-893-0501