The Town recognizes the impact the urban deer population is having on residents.
The Town has been working collaboratively with the Department of Lands and Forestry over the last few years and continues to do so.
The Province (Lands and Forestry), ultimately has jurisdiction over wildlife in the province.
The Department of Lands and Forestry required concrete data to work from before they would allow any action to be taken, in which, over the last 3 years, the Town collected data to identify trends relating to the urban deer population with roadside population counts and pellet counts.
Now that Lands and Forestry has data to work from, and now that the plebiscite has been completed, we were able to move forward by creating a Deer Management Strategy Committee. The Committee is comprised of Lands and Forestry staff, Town staff, NS Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Women that Hunt, and Town residents. The Committee is in the process of developing a strategy and will be making recommendations to Council in the very near future. Council will ultimately decide upon what actions will be taken. There are many aspects of the strategy, one of which will likely include a ‘managed hunt’.
There are many intricate details to work out to ensure a managed hunt is carried out safely. If approved by Council, and by the Minister of Lands and Forestry, it is likely, and the intention of the Committee, for a managed hunt to commence in the Fall.
For more detailed information on the process to date, click on the image below.

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