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I welcome you to Truro, Nova Scotia!bill mills

The Town of Truro was incorporated in 1875 and is the largest town in Nova Scotia, serving the core of Colchester County for over 140 years. Truro has close ties to the railway and is located at the crossroads of the two largest highways in the Province of Nova Scotia. As you know, change is always a part of life and the Town has adapted, thrived and "embraced" change. Our rebranding in 2015 reflects our present and those changes yet to come.

Truro’s rich heritage in business, education, music, and sports, as well as political, architectural and innovation has evolved because of regional co-operation, business confidence and citizens seeing the results of good sustainable planning. Our brand, "Make the Connection" will show the new spirit of Truro, Nova Scotia! We welcome you to see our new hospital, schools, Rath Eastlink Community Centre, Marigold Cultural Centre, and famous 3,000 acre Victoria Park. One of our most recent, treasured projects was the redevlopment of a new $7.5 million Library in the former Normal College, accompanied by a $1.7 million upgrade to our Civic Square. This development supports community vitality in our downtown core! 

I would be remissed if I did not mention our good neighbours at the Municiaplity of the County of Colchester and Millbrook First Nations. Togther we're building a strong and resiliant region where people want to live, work, invest and play!

Explore our website and see for yourself! Better yet, come for a visit!

W.R. (Bill) Mills
Mayor of Truro
Nova Scotia



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