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I would like to welcome you to the Town of Truro’s new website. We hope it will provide you with information about the Town, our Staff, the Council and the great things we have happening in this wonderful community, whether you’re a resident or just visiting. We want everyone to have access to the information they need to ensure transparency and accountability so you know that you can have trust in your local government. The site is here as a resource so you can make the connection with us in whichever way you need to make your experience in Truro better.

As the Chief Administrative Officer, I am tasked with leading the day to day operational and administrative requirements for the Town. Along with my very capable staff, I provide guidance and advice to Council on all matters that impact on the Town and the Communities we support. The CAO’s office also coordinates strategic and corporate initiatives, research and development of Town policies and by-laws, strategic and corporate planning, communications, special projects and coordination of interdepartmental projects and initiatives. This would not be possible without an outstanding group of dedicated senior managers that are committed to providing excellent service and support to our residents and visitors.

It is my honour to work for the Town of Truro and a forward-thinking Mayor and Council that have a true vision for the community and the fortitude to ensure that it is accomplished prudently and responsibly. While I have only recently come back to Nova Scotia, I have been inspired by this dynamic and vibrant community where we feel anything is possible if we work together and make the true connections with each other to make it even better.

Working with staff and Council, we have developed a multi-year financial strategy that coordinates the vision for the community with our operational and capital plans to allow us to manage our financial requirements while continuing to move sustainably forward. We have invested in recent years in a number of outstanding infrastructure projects that continue to enhance the lives of our residents. With the completion of the Town’s Civic Square this fall we will have a gathering place that we can be proud of and one that creates tremendous energy and potential for our downtown.

From a Staff perspective, we are committed to continuous improvement in our customer service through greater accountability, teamwork, leadership and respect. We continue to invest in our employees whenever possible to ensure they have the best equipment and resources that we can afford and the training to do the job right. We hope to be introducing service level standards that will assist both our employees and the general public to better understand what to expect from the Town.

As with any modern community, we feel that public engagement is essential for us to better understand what residents are looking for from us. We will continue to enhance our presences on social media to ensure that you hear from us in a timely manner and that we can get the feedback we need to provide a better service to the general public. We will work closely with Council to ensure the Town is open and engaged at every opportunity, whether that be through technology or face to face.

I am very proud to lead our staff team in making Truro a great place to live, work and play, now and into the future.

Michael W. Dolter


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