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We envision Truro as a vibrant community that values its past and is confident of its future. Truro will be noted as an exciting destination; as having a strong spirit of place; for providing a valued quality of life; and as a centre where people cooperate to build a thriving, welcoming and green community.


The Town of Truro will provide visionary, responsible, community driven and open minded leadership to ensure the best possible quality of life for all.


  • Ethics and Integrity

Being respectful, honest and sincere, open and inclusive, dependable and credible, accountable and committed.

  • Quality of Life

Ensuring a prosperous, healthy, financially stable, safe, tolerant, diverse and progressive community.

  • Commitment

Having the determination to deliver the plan with integrity and a spirit of cooperation.

  • Service

Ensuring quality, integrity, cost effectiveness, fiscal responsibility and a results orientation.

  • Motivating

Consulting and listening to get people involved and ensure community ownership.


  • Ensure Accountability

Ensuring that the strategic plan is implemented through sound planning, a clear and open process, by building from strength and encouraging citizens to work together for success.

  • Develop Downtown

Ensuring a strong and vibrant downtown centre.

  • Promote Development and Smart Growth

Continuing to build the economic foundations of Truro.

  • Create Excitement About Truro And Its Future

Showing strong leadership by actively promoting Truro; building a sense of pride, a can do attitude; and collaborating with citizens and stakeholders

  • Enhance and Improve Green Spaces

Improving natural assets, appearance and access to Truro’s environment strengths.



ToT - Communications ACTION Plan 2016-2019

Truro, Our Brand Story (2016)


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