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Pre-Authorized Debit Program ( PAD Program)

What is Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) is an easy way to help pay your bills and make payments automatically. You, as the Payor, are giving the Town of Truro permission to withdraw a payment from your bank account.

How does it work?

The Town of Truro will withdraw an amount from your bank account as per the signed PAD agreement. The Town of Truro offers PAD plans for both Property Tax and Water Utility accounts. Town of Truro employees are available to assist with a recommended monthly calculation amount.

Plan Options

Full Balance (Property Taxes ONLY)

If your property tax account has a zero balance, you can have the balance owing withdrawn from your bank account on the due date each year. If you are carrying an outstanding balance or credit balance, please contact us for options. Unfortunately, the Town is not able to take the total balance of your water utility bill when due.

Fixed Monthly Plan

As the customer you determine a fixed monthly amount to be withdrawn from your bank account. If you require assistance, town staff are available to help recommend a monthly amount based on historical water utility bills and tax account balances. This amount will not change until you contact us to change the amount or cancel the agreement.

Can anyone signup?

Signing up for the PAD payment plan works best if your account is in good standing, however if you currently have arrears on your account you are still eligible to sign up.

The PAD agreement does not constitute a formal payment arrangement with the Town. If you have outstanding balances that could place you in a position for Property Tax Sale or Water Utility Disconnection, please contact us to make a formal arrangement.

Please note that the PAD agreement does not supersede another payment agreement you may currently have with the Town. If you have a current payment agreement please contact Edwina Renaux at or call 902-895-7821 for assistance signing up for the PAD payment plan.

Will interest charges still apply?

Yes, interest will still apply to any outstanding account balance. Staff are available to recommend the most reasonable amounts based on historical water utility bills and tax account balances. There is always variability with account balances and therefore staff are only able to make recommended payment amounts.

Customer Responsibilities

The PAD payment plan is a helpful payment option. It is still the responsibility of the customer to review their account information regularly to ensure account balances are in good standing.

PAD Agreement

Below is a link to a fillable PDF version of the PAD Agreement. You may fill out the agreement and email the form to . You may also fill out the form manually and drop it off or mail it to our location at 695 Prince Street, Truro, NS B2N 1G5. 

Pre-Authorized Debit ( PAD) Agreement



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