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Road Preservation Tax

In addition to the capital road reconstruction projects, Council is aware that each year the condition of our Town roads continues to deteriorate. Many factors are at play when it comes to the deterioration of the streets. Nova Scotia climate is a major factor with the freeze and thaw of roads as well as the number of motorists utilizing our streets throughout the run of a day, month and year.

An action plan is required in order to preserve our infrastructure before the problem becomes too great. As a solution, Council has implemented a Road Preservation Tax. This tax will be used specifically to resurface and protect Town streets that are currently in fair condition so as to ensure that these streets do not fall into further disrepair. By proceeding in this manner, the Town can focus its capital funds on roads that require major reconstruction while also preventing further deterioration of other Town streets.

Council has learned that it costs 3 to 4 times less to preserve a street by resurfacing it while it is in good to fair condition than it does to perform a full road reconstruction once a street has been deemed to be in poor to serious condition. Municipalities throughout Nova Scotia and across Canada share the same concern; aging infrastructure. This plan is a step forward to begin doing something about this issue.


Road Preservation Tax Rate

Year  Residential Commercial
2019-20 $0.0525 $0.0475


pdf Road Preservation Tax Report 18 19 (167 KB)

pdf Road Preservation Tax Report 19 20 (65 KB)

Road Preservation Tax Report 20-21



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