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As outlined in the Nova Scotia Police Act, every municipality that establishes a municipal police department must have a Board of Police Commissioners. In Truro, this is known as the Truro Police Commission.

The Commission's function is to provide governance on law enforcement, crime prevention, and policy direction for an effective and efficient police department. The Commission does not have jurisdiction over the police service's day-to-day operations, including investigations and personnel matters, except when those relate to the Chief of Police. The Commission serves as a link between citizens and the Truro Police Service, helping to establish goals, objectives, and service delivery that meet the community's needs and values.

The Commission is required to hold a meeting at least every three months; meetings are open to the public, but all matters relating to discipline, personnel conduct, contract negotiations and security of police operations may be conducted in private.

The seven member consists of three members of Town Council, appointed by a Resolution of Council; three citizens-at-large, also appointed by a Resolution of Council; and, one member appointed by the Provincial Minister of Justice. The Chair is chosen from among this group of members, and each member must take an Oath of Office and adhere to a Code of Conduct, as prescribed by regulations of the Nova Scotia Police Act. 

The current members of the Truro Police Commission are:

  • Chair- Councillor Wayne Talbot
  • Councillor Bill Thomas
  • Councillor Cathy Hinton

Civilian Members:

  • Laura Whiteland
  • Donald McMillan
  • Vacant

Provincial Representative:

  • Vacant 

Truro Police Board - Terms of Reference.pdf


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