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 The Town of Truro Tree Committee was created in 1971, on the advice of the Canadian Forest Service liaison officer for Nova Scotia, as a result of the confirmation in 1969 of Dutch elm disease becoming established in the province.

The Tree committee oversees the management of the community’s urban forest resource, and forested watershed lands, on behalf of Truro Town Council and our citizens.

The Tree committee is made up of six citizen volunteers; the Director of Public Works; a member of Town Council, and a full time Urban Forestry Coordinator employed by the Town.

The Tree committee works closely with other town departments, residents, developers, other municipalities and government and non-government organizations involved in the planning, care and stewardship of the urban forest, town green spaces and forest lands.

The primary activities of the Tree committee include:

  • Preparation and coordinating annual streetside hazard tree and Dutch elm disease management programs to remove or remediate, through sanitation and/or hazard reduction pruning, dead, diseased or otherwise compromised trees;
  • Organizing and coordinating the town’s annual urban tree planting program, projects and tree planting rebate programs;
  • Organize and co-host annual Arbor Day events within local elementary schools, promoting the value and benefits of trees to area youth;
  • Provide information and advice relating to tree protection, preservation and new planting opportunities during new developments, or as part of reconstruction activities for both town and private development projects;
  • Public relations, information and advice in regard to tree care and the urban forest; including the production of a quarterly tree care newsletter;
  • Management of the King Street and Stan Maxwell Park Community Gardens.

Please check the links below for the most up-to-date information on these regular Truro Tree Committee programs or publications:

Tree Committee Quarterly Newsletter

Please find below the latest issue of the Tree Committee Newsletter:

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Annual Urban Tree Planting Programs

Please find below the 2022 Urban Tree Planting Program:

2022 Tree Planting Rebate Program.pdf

Community Gardens

The Town of Truro's Parks, Recreation and Culture, Engineering and Public Works Departments, as well as the Truro Tree Committee have worked hand in hand to produce fifty community garden boxes at the King Street Community Garden. The site also offers large plantings of rhubarb, high bush blueberries, arctic kiwi vine and concord grapes as well as three each of pear, plum and peach trees.  2021 KSCG Garden Plot Application.pdf  29_0_400_400_Mixed-vegetable-and-flower-planting-1024x683.jpg
Check out these great blogs about the garden by Kitchen Table Nutrition

If you are interested in additional information on urban forestry and tree related issues, please visit one of the following websites:


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