The Town of Truro is a community of approximately 12,500 people located in central Nova Scotia. Truro is known as the “Hub of Nova Scotia”, because of its geographical position and historical significance. In the mid 19th century Truro had become a manufacturing centre and – thanks in large part to the railroad facilities - a natural distribution centre for the province; thereby earning the Town of Truro the nickname, “Hubtown.” And today, with all major highways intersecting through Truro, the town truly is the Hub of Nova Scotia!



The Town of Truro would like to remind motorists that potholes are prevalent this time of year. Town of Truro Public Works crews are working to minimize road damage however potholes are developing faster than they can make repairs. Please drive with care and caution to avoid damage to your vehicle. The Town of Truro is not responsible  for damages due to potholes.


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